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Wonil aka Wonil Suh (South Korea) - From A Figure Drawing Session, 2010      Drawings: Graphite on Paper

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Posted: July 26th

Plank Piece, 1973Charles Ray
“Ray was part of a wave of artists during the 1970s who addressed sculpture as an activity rather than as an object. In the iconic two-part photographic work Plank Piece the artist documents the use of his own body as the sculptural component. The static photograph belies the performative nature of the activity presented. Contrived through a complex balance between weight and gravity the artist suspended his body using only a plank of wood, creating a minimal, graphic image that is at once humorous and unsettling.”

“Smugglers”, 1890, Ivan Aivazovsky.

L’insoutenable légèreté de l’urètre (by patrick jannin)

Double Elliptic Torsion, Richard Serra, 1998.